Byredo’s Blanche Transforms for a Covetable Limited-Edition Bottle

If you thought you knew Blanche, think again


The sensation of clean, showered-skin slipping into a bed of crisp, freshly lain streets- this is what Byredo’s Blanche invokes. Blanche is a classic scent for romantic sensibilities, with base notes of sandalwood and musk evoking human intimacy – skin on skin—layered with aldehyde freshness, melting into rose softness. The new collector’s edition bottle is accompanied by re-imagined visuals portraying the balance of beauty, strength, and intimacy. 



The white capped collector’s edition bottle, available from the Byredo website from July 1st takes the familiar and refreshes it while maintaining the integrity of the original concept. Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director at Byredo explains,” With Blanche, I wanted to capture the idea of texture and fabric and skin—and to translate a level of intimacy which is very human.” The campaign features UFC heavyweight fighter Ilir Latifi along with professional dancer and bikini fitness athlete Rebecka Eklund, captured by photographer Kacper Kasprzyk. Classical depictions of intimacy are subverted the fragrance is approached from a new perspective: interpreting it through imagery of pure physicality wrapped in fresh white cotton. An ode to the expression of human reality. If you thought you knew Blanche, think again.

Blanche Collectors Edition